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  • 15-Minute Free Consultation includes credit report overview and FICO score.
  • 7 Million+ Negative Items removed from client credit reports in 2016.
  • Challenges items with all 3 bureaus AND your creditors.
  • Most Experienced credit repair firm.
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Lexington Law Firm – The Industry Leader

We recommend Lexington Law as our top Credit Repair Company because of their:

  • Decades of experience helping clients repair their credit
  • Innovative technologies that make the process easy
  • Proven, published results no one else can match

For starters, Lexington Law Firm is the most-established credit repair company in the country. They actually started their law firm in 1991, and went online in 1997 — they really have been the fore-runners for the credit repair industry for over 25 years, and yes, they really are a real law firm (unlike most credit repair companies). This means, they’ve had to endure the constant scrutiny of establishing legit credit repair in a very regulated and minded industry as well as adhering to strict bar regulations as a law firm. So, they not only follow the industry laws to a “t”, they help establish conformity as the industry leader. And they’re constantly pushing new methods and tools through for their clients that others merely attempt to copy. See below.

Let’s talk about their latest developments:

#1 – Free FICO score with their credit repair consultation.

free-fico-scoreSo, for many years, the FICO credit score has been the standard of the credit industry for letting people know where their credit stands with an easy-to-digest credit number. You usually have to pay to get your FICO number, or be turned down for credit. The fact that Lexington gives you this free with a 10-minute phone call? Pretty amazing.

No one else does that.

#2 – Directly disputing negative items with ALL THREE bureaus.

dispute-3-bureausLexington first established doing direct disputes (this means sending them digitally) with TransUnion a few years ago and has since upped their game by establishing a relationship with all 3 bureaus. So, they’re avoiding the whole physical letter thing altogether and you can monitor your dispute cycle online. It makes the whole process very efficient and cost-effective.

Again, no one else does that.

Plus, additional service upgrades give you the ability to challenge your items directly with the creditors. This speeds the process up and can get more items removed at the source.

#3 – Publishing real results.

deletionsOne of the first things Lexington did to rise above the rest was to publish their total quarterly removal results for everyone to see. And these numbers are mind-blowing. Last year, they assisted their clients in removing over 7 million negative items.

7 Million!

This includes bankruptcies, judgments, garnishments, late payments of all sorts, tax liens… you name it. You should check out their results page. It’s impressive. The also claim that past clients have seen an average of 10.2 items, or 24% of their presenting negatives, removed within 4 months. So they show you what you can expect when you hire them.

Again… No one else does that!

This is just some highlights of Lexington’s credit repair program. For a deeper look at Lexington Law Firm, go check out their full page here.

Final Thought: For the person who is simply looking for the best results, most established company, and most industry-leading tools, go with Lexington Law Firm.

So how much is it going to cost to sign up with Lexington and have them put their years of experience to work on your credit report? Well, they set the industry standard there as well, a price point that is in the middle. $99 sign up fee and $79 a month. You’ll find comparable prices across the board, some more, and some less. See below for the best value in monthly fee terms.


Insider Tip: Seriously, take advantage of Lexington’s Free Credit Consultation with the Free FICO Score. It’s absolutely no-obligation and this is what you get: A credit expert reviewing your credit report and explaining where you stand — so after 10 minutes, you know exactly what you have to do to improve your credit (you might not even need credit repair). How is that knowledge not worth 10 minutes?

  • Claim: improve your score 40 pts in 4 months
  • Claim: members have seen 7% of questionable credit report negatives removed per month
  • Tools: Personalized Dashboard, Score Tracker, Text and Email Alerts
  • Best Credit Repair Mobile App

1 (855) 255-0529

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CreditRepair.com – The Best Service for Mobile Users

CreditRepair.com is one of the newer players in the field, but they have grown quickly due to a large marketing effort (I mean, they are using the creditrepair.com URL, for crying out loud – they mean business). Plus, they’ve adapted most tools from other credit repair companies into their arsenal and are clawing for your business. Especially mobile users.

CreditRepair.com’s mobile app is a remarkable tool for monitoring your credit repair case. You can track your dispute cycle progress, your credit score, and your removals all in the palm of your hand. It’s pretty darn cool.


Final Thought: Their BBB rating needs improvement, although most negative complaints have been addressed, if you’re dying to use anyone other than Lexington Law, and you’re more of a mobile user than desktop or full-browser tablet, then creditrepair.com is a wise choice.


  • Created for offline purposes to serve the auto and mortgage industry professionals
  • Use word-of-mouth advertising to help clients achieve their credit goals
  • Same system (and virtually same results) as industry’s best.
  • Money-back warranty if not satisfied with results

1 (866) 440-6344

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Credit Unlimited – The choice for loan officers

Loan officers in the auto and mortgage industry have their preferred company in Credit Unlimited.

Loan officers in the auto and mortgage industry have their preferred company in Credit Unlimited.

Credit Unlimited is a unique service, in that it caters to the auto and mortgage industry professionals who need to address customer’s credit issues to increase business. They say, a repeat customer is the best customer. So, getting someone into a car that their credit allows today, then working on their credit with a service like Credit Unlimited, so that the customer can get in a better car (usually the car they originally were trying to get a loan for) down the road is good business.

And who doesn’t want to be the person who helped improved someone’s life? I mean, if you help them fix their credit and get into a better car or mortgage, then you can see how that’s pretty fulfilling outside just selling something.

Credit Unlimited also has the best rating with the BBB (A+) since they take customer service to another level. If attention to your case and customer service is on the top of your list, you should give them a call.

Bottom line: If you’re a mortgage or car loan officer who sees people with bad credit daily, you might want to sign up for the Credit Unlimited affiliate program.

If you’re a consumer who need to improve their credit fast, so you can get into the car you want. Then you should talk to them.


  • Free consultation
  • Customized program options
  • They provide TransUnion and Equifax reports, you provide Experian
  • 24/7 Access to their Financial Tools
  • Same Day Service and Expedite options
  • 40 years experience in credit repair services

1 (866) 639-3426

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  • $19 low entry fee and monthly or flat-rate pricing
  • 24hr Account Access
  • Free Credit Reports AND Scores
  • Unlimited Disputes
  • Satisfaction Guarantee

1 (866) 382-3410

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