The Credit People does not get a “recommend” from Credit Repair Reporter since their past has been littered with a history of skirting the law and unhappy clients.

Once upon a time, DSI Solutions (which changed its name to – and then to reorgainzed under the name “The Credit People”) was one of the big dogs on the block. But iffy practices have relegated them to the bottom of the stack.

Under the DSI BBB report, it states that they are charging upfront for services yet to be performed, which is a big no-no under the federal credit repair regulations. This is a big red flag and normally leads to other problems.

Another big red flag is their site refers to being in business for more than ten years, but their BBB site shows them registering in 2012. This is a case of trying to have your cake and eat it too: Since their DSI profile was so badly tainted, they re-established their brand name, but wanted to hang onto their “history” as a credit repair company. Well, that “history” is tattered with upset clients™so much so that they’ve given up on the DSI name™so they shouldn’t claim it.

As a straight-forward credit repair company, this is how The Credit People stacks up::


The Credit People Total Deletions


The Credit People does not provide a history of their deletion totals.

The Credit People results


The Credit People does not provide a history of their results for their clients.

The Credit People number of clients


The Credit People does not provide a history of how many clients they have assisted.

The Credit People Years in Business


As mentioned above, The Credit People wants to claim that it has been practicing credit repair for over 10 years, but it had to rebrand in 2012 for a fresh start.

The Credit People Customer Service

5 Days a Week

The Credit People’s customer service hours are not posted.

The Credit People Client site
Client Site

24/7 Extranet

Like most services, they offer 24-hour account access through a client site to see where your dispute stands.

BBB logo
BBB Rating

A- (F)

While “The Credit People” has a great BBB rating, its former entity “DSI Solutions” was abismal: The Credit People BBB Rating > | DSI Credit Rating >

The Credit People Price

$299 Flat Fee

It’s a different way of charging for services: $19/setup and just three payments of $99 (or $297 all at once). While The Credit People argue that an ongiong monthly fee will draw out the credit repair process, we think that getting the money up front will deter ongoing good service.


Save 20%

The Credit People do not offer any sort of discount.

Top Reasons To Sign Up With The Credit People:

It’s a fresh start at

  • Their new focus with a new name shows promise

Client site:

  • Client site offers standard way to enter in your items to dispute

The Credit People can work for less:

  • If it takes longer (more than 6 months) to get the negatives off your credit report, their upfront costs might be more of a value.

Reasons to consider other Credit Repair Companies:

  • Previous track record is very sketchy
  • No real tracking tools
  • Continue to use old company’s testimonials as their own
  • Several attempts at changing company BBB profile

Sign up with The Credit People Today – Cancel Anytime

The Credit People is trying to right the ship from previous efforts that have gone astray. But the same people and same methods are behind the company, so be warned. If you’d like to check into the further: visit their site.