Ovation Credit has the best value of the top 5 credit repair companies.
Ovation has a few things that impress us (copies of letters showing deletions/great debt tools/A+ BBB rating), but have a couple red flags as well (no physical address/clunky older system).

Ovation Credit originally was a Florida-based law firm established in the 70’s that starting doing credit repair later. They brought their practice online in the late-90’s with many other disputing firms and have found success by sticking to their tried-and true method of disputing.

Ovation currently offers two levels of service: Essentials and Essentials Plus. Both allow you access to their online “Dispute Manager” that enables you to direct your Case Advisor the exact way you want different aspects of your case handled. This allows you to choose how you dispute your questionable items.

Ovation promises a “same-day” service this allow you to get your case setup the same day you call in. They also offer a “100% Service Satisfaction Guarantee” that promises your money back if you’re not satisfied with the way they handled your case.

While Ovation claims to have features that make a difference in service, their features are still pretty much the same as anywhere else you’ll find. Visit their site now >

As a straight-forward credit repair company, this is how Ovation Credit stacks up::


Ovation Credit Total Deletions


Ovation Credit does not provide a history of their deletion totals.

Ovation Credit results


Ovation Credit does not provide a history of their results for their clients, but they do show some examples of deletions letters on their site as proof of their results. See them now >

Ovation Credit number of clients


Ovation Credit does not provide a history of how many clients they have assisted.

Ovation Credit Years in Business


Contrasting reports: Ovation Credit says it has been a practicing law firm since the 70’s, but reports show they’ve only been doing credit repair for the last 9 years. Still, we consider 9 years quite a bit of experience.

Ovation Credit Customer Service

5 Days a Week

Ovation Credit’s customer service are open during regular business hours, Mon-Fri and are very helpful and friendly.

Ovation Credit Client site
Client Site

24/7 Extranet

Like most services, Ovation Credit’s client site allows you to select the negative items you want to dispute. one thing they have others don’t is a nifty debtpayment tool that shows you how you can snowball your extra payments: See Ovation’s credit tools >

BBB logo
BBB Rating


Ovation has the best BBB rating in the top credit repair companies. To verify the BBB rating, click here >

Ovation Credit Price

$45/$65 a Month

Their first work fee is a low $85 and their service is $45 for “Essentials” or the upgraded “Essentials Plus” for $65 month. Ovation Credit Service Levels >


Save 20%

Signup with someone else today and you’ll both save 20% on your monthly fees and your first work fee. Could add up to be a lot if you stick around with the program for longer than 6 months. Redeem here >

Top Reasons To Sign Up With Ovation Credit:

Ovation Credit has a great costumer track record:

  • Ovation Credit has an A+ BBB rating
  • Is willing to post a few of their results

Online Tools:

  • Online tools are a great way to get your head around your debts
  • Decent clients site with easy way to enter in your items to dispute

Ovation Credit is a great value:

  • Low sign up and monthly fee for essentially the same services
  • 20% to fees when you sign up with a spouse/someone else – can add up.

Reasons to consider other Credit Repair Companies:

  • Client site does not track where you are in your dispute
  • No physical address is a red flag

Sign up with Ovation Credit Today – Cancel Anytime

Ovation Credit is on the rise in the credit repair world and looks like they’re willing to put forth the effort to get results for their clients. For details, visit their site.