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Lexington Law is rated as the best Credit Repair Company in the country.

No other credit repair company can match the sheer size, industry-leading technologies, or adherence to regulations. Lexington Law has practiced credit repair since 1991, giving it 22 years of experience and millions of deletions for its clients.

Lexington Law Rated #1

Most people equate size with quality, and Lexington Law is a prime example of a credit repair firm that has led in a big way since its inception. The nice thing about Lexington Law is they back up their claims by being one of the only companies in the industry that publish their results. And as impressive as their total numbers are, it’s Lexington’s commitment to customer service that sets them apart.

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What is the secret behind Lexington’s success? Taking more than 22 years of experience amazing results and applying all that knowledge to the next credit repair case – which could very well be yours. To visit their site, click here.

Simply, here is what sets Lexington Law apart:


Lexington Law Total Deletions

Over 2.5 Million

With its proven tools and strategies, removing negative items is priority one for Lexington Law. In 2011 alone, clients saw 2,548,948 negative items removed from their credit reports. Source >

Lexington Law results

28.6 Removals

A 2006 study revealed that Concord-level clients had an average of 8.6 removals by the end of month 3 and 28.6 removals by the end of month 12 across their three reports. Source >

Lexington Law number of clients

Over 1/2 Million

Lexington Law has helped over 1/2 million clients address their credit issues by using their consumer rights. Source >

Lexington Law Years in Business


It’s been 25 years since Lexington Law added credit repair to its repertoire, and introduced its streamlined system that brought costs down drastically for its clients. Source >

Lexington Law Customer Service

7 Days a Week

Lexington’s customer service is open 7 days a week to answer any questions about your case. Source >

Lexington Law Client site
Client Site

24/7 Extranet

The client site is the industry’s most fully integrated dashboard that plugs right into your credit report and case history. Choose what items you want to dispute and leave the rest to Lexington Law. See a dashboard screenshot >

BBB logo
BBB Rating


When you’re the big dog on the street, you’re bound to get a couple complaints. To verify the BBB rating, click here >

Lexington Law Price

$79-$119 a Month

While not the lowest price in the business, they pretty much set the standard by which most others charge. Also a standard $99 “first work” fee. Lexington Law Credit Repair Service Levels >


Save $50

Sign up a family or household member within 72 hours of signing up, and each receive a one-time $50 savings. Redeem here >

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Top Reasons To Sign Up With Lexington Law:

Lexington Law has a whole lotta experience:

  • 22 years of credit repair behind them
  • Over 2.5 million negative items removed in 2012
  • The largest consumer advocacy law firm in America

Lexington Law is really big:

  • Over 600 agents and paralegals, including 25 lawyers 
  • 20,000 sq. ft. headquarters in North Salt Lake, Utah

Lexington Law has exceptional customer service:

  • 7-day a week phone support
  • Online client dashboard
  • Free credit score summary with consultation

Reasons to consider other Credit Repair Companies:

  • Price is not the cheapest
  • Some people might want more of a personal touch

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While no one can guarantee any results when assisting you with repairing your credit, Lexington Law does their best to create satisfactory results. And at anytime, you can cancel your relationship.