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Lexington Law is rated as the best Credit Repair Company in the country.

No other credit repair company can match the sheer size, industry-leading technologies, or adherence to regulations. Lexington Law has practiced credit repair since 1991, giving it 22 years of experience and millions of deletions for its clients.

What is the secret behind Lexington’s success? Why does Lexington’ average client see 10.2 items removed in 4 months across all 3 reports? It’s the experience.

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Client Testimonial

A few years ago I found myself with bad credit that made it impossible to get a mortgage. We rented in a bad part of town and I knew I had to change things. I finally decided to give a credit repair law firm a shot. Immediately after the first dispute cycle with Lexington Law, I started getting back results from the credit bureaus. As soon as my score reached 680 I was able to apply for a loan (at a really great rate!). I knew waiting around for 7 years wasn’t going to do me, or my family, any good. Lexington Law was the best decision of my life.

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Top Reasons To Sign Up With Lexington Law:

Lexington Law has a whole lotta experience:

  • 22 years of credit repair behind them
  • Over 7.5 million negative items removed in 2015
  • The largest consumer advocacy law firm in America

Lexington Law is really big:

  • Over 600 agents and paralegals, including 25 lawyers
  • 20,000 sq. ft. headquarters in North Salt Lake, Utah

Lexington Law has exceptional customer service:

  • 7-day a week phone support
  • Online client dashboard
  • Free credit score summary with consultation
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While no one can guarantee any results when assisting you with repairing your credit, Lexington Law does their best to create satisfactory results. And at anytime, you can cancel your relationship.

Success Stories

I have been with lexington law for a month and have already had 10 items removed.
Jeneanne James
Most people know how to cook. But you go out to eat anyway and pay other people to do it for you!
John J Tate
Some people have different credit issues and Lexington law states Results May Vary. They took 9 items off my report since July! So if it doesn't work for you don't discourage others because you don't work at Lexington Law and have no idea why it didn't help some but it may help others! The main point is getting the help in the first place!
John J Tate
I have been with them for 10months now I had 11 items removed my score went up 103 month I will be done with fixin my credit im very pleased with their work I was 565 when I started im now668 @it will go up even more next month
Trina Sneed
@letoshia dawson it took me 30 days they have not failed me at all.
Jeneanne James
I could do it myself but I have no time!! paying them to do it and they are doing a great job!
Holly Daniels
After I signed up with Lexington Law within 48 hours, 10 items were already removed.
Nicole Danielle
7 removals in a week!!
Holly Daniels
Im up to 14 removals
Holly Daniels
Patience is impotrant. I didn't need it done fast but the time spent doing it was well worth it & again, it didn't cost me a thing. Instead of being on facebook, I took that time to repair my credit. It not like it takes months to do it. I got my reports from all 3 companies, figured out what was wrong, sent them letters & with a month, it was all correct. For FREE!
An'jala Jones-Wilmore

Quiz Time!

How many negative listings did the Credit Repair Leader remove last year?

A) A Thousand

B) Ten Thousand

C) Over a Million

D) Who knows? They don't report this.

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What is the best success rate reported for a credit repair company? (Negative items removed)

A) 24%

B) 61%

C) 84%n

D) Who knows? That's an industry secret.

Call 1-855-255-0459
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