Many consumer in America face hardships that can affect their credit reports:

  • Divorce
  • Student Loans
  • Medical Expenses
  • Military Service
  • Identity Theft

All have influence on your credit. If your credit score has been afflicted by one of these issues, we can assist you. The attorneys at Lexington Law are experienced and can assist you in your credit situation.

Mark Andrus, Lexington Law Associate Attorney:

Mark Andrus, Lexington Law Associate AttorneyStudent loans can provide a positive avenue if they’re managed wisely. Often times a student thinks, “oh, if I sign up for a four-year program I’ll just have one loan”. No, along the way you’ll generally have, six to eight, to twelve loans. I’ve seen consumers have up to fifteen student loans. If none of them get paid, due to employment circumstances, then that can create up to eight, to twelve, to fifteen items instantly on their credit report.

We operate, in the United States, under a voluntary reporting program. So, because a negative item may report for seven years, there’s nothing that states that it must report for seven years.

We do send challenges to all three major credit bureaus as well as creditors. We do have several methods, particularly what we call focus track methods that can specialize these letters for students and assist them in repairing their credit.

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