Many consumer in America experience hardships that can affect their credit reports:

  • Divorce
  • Student Loans
  • Medical Expenses
  • Military Service
  • Identity Theft

All have influence on your credit. If your credit score has been afflicted by one of these issues, we can assist you. The attorneys at Lexington Law are experienced and can assist you in your credit situation.

Focus Track – Military Service

Cody Johnson, Lexington Law Supervising AttorneyCody Johnson, Lexington Law Supervising Attorney:

When someone serves in the military, when they’re overseas, it’s very difficult to handle their finances.

Eleanordawn Hughes, Lexington Law Senior AttorneyEleanordawn Hughes, Lexington Law Senior Attorney

When you’re in a war zone, you’re not necessarily going to have access to get to a computer to go pay your bills online.

So they’ve entrusted that responsibility to somebody else. Often times, they don’t have anybody to do that for them, so when they come home they’ve found that their credit has been destroyed.

They cannot have negative credit because it can affect their security clearance and if their security clearance is in jeopardy, they can be discharged from the military.

So Lexington Law leverages the law for military service members that have just recently served, or have served in the past at any time. Military members have unique circumstances in their lives that require unique representation. So we provide that unique representation to them by drafting letters that will be more catered to their needs.

If you have special life circumstances that may have affected your credit such as being in the military, we have specialized focus tracks that can help design our letters specifically to those issues in your life.

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