Credit is Everything

Lexington Law Firm - North Salt Lake, UtahCredit is everything that’s involved with your employment, your housing, cars; everything. If you don’t have a good credit score then there’s a lot of things that you can miss out on. Many of the clients that I’ve spoken to in the past feel that, because they’ve been declined, its over. The feeling of being turned down; walking into a place and being told, “no”.

We employ a continuum of care here, which is to say, we direct interventions to creditors, we work closely with the credit bureaus… There is hope, you know there is action that we can take, that they can take to improve their score. Making services affordable, like Lexington Law Firm does, can really benefit people that do sign up for our services.

I can understand exactly what these people are going through, and the joy of being told, “yes”. It’s my job, and our job here at Lexington, to make sure that they’re aware of what goes into the reports. We don’t predicate the service upon the notion that one has to trick the bureaus into changing things on credit reports.

The Lexington Law Welcome Team

Kayla CorballInitially, when people sign up they’ll go to what we call the Welcome Team, the welcoming paralegals that welcome them and get their case setup. They choose how they want to address the items; they have a few different options. A client can opt into one of five focus tracks that are applicable. Divorce, military service, student loans, identity theft, and medical. Certainly each of those five focus tracks can radically impact a client’s credit report. We specially format challenge letters and intervention letters to challenge negative items on their credit with the creditors and the bureaus.

All the while we are providing analysis to the client on what they can do to improve their score. Giving other people knowledge about their credit scores is really big on improving their credit. Removing negative accounts isn’t going to be the only thing to get their credit on track. A lot of our clients really appreciate the fact that we teach you, in some ways, how to build it while we work on the negative.

Helping Clients Achieve Their Credit Goals

Dr. Randy PadawerThey can call us at any time. They can access their client website 24 hours a day. They can email us. They’re able to work with them and walk with them throughout this path to reach their goal. It’s really nice to be able to help them achieve those goals, because you know that you’re helping them in their life.

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