Hey, bad credit happens…

A few years ago I wrecked my credit with some stupid financial decisions. I was young and didn’t really care about what the future held. But when I married my wife, we discovered ourselves suffering for those mistakes. After we had 2 children, I felt the pressure to get our own home.

My finances had turned around, as in, I could afford a house payment and to start paying off debt. Plus, I knew if I wanted to, I could speed up the credit repair process by hiring a credit repair firm.

Check out my video of my Lexington Law client experience:

But I still had a few negative items on my credit report. I knew I could do it myself (face months of fighting with the bureaus and learning how to do credit repair) or I could spend a little  money and hire an expert. This was absolutely the right decision.

Lexington Law Free Consultation Convinced Me

Lexington gives you a 10-minute credit consultation where they look over your credit report and let you know if they can help. Chances are, they can, because they’ve removed millions of credit history negative items from credit reports every year. Their client base is huge and they’ve really streamlined the process so it’s very little work on your part. Plus they have a whole customer service department that pretty much holds your hand along the way.

Do you want to check out their results? Look here.

So, how about that free consultation? Well, here is their toll-free number: 1 (855) 255-0459

Call and see if they can help you.

So, how did my credit score improve?

my-credit-scoreWell, no one can guarantee results, but mine were great. In a few months, I had already seen my credit score go up with all 3 credit bureaus (I remember to get a screenshot of that).

After a year, I was able to qualify for a home mortgage loan. That was one of the best days of my life.


A little bit about Lexington Law:

Lexington’s history goes back a couple decades, and they are by far the largest consumer advocacy law firm in America. Their experience in credit repair is , by far, the best. Look at a few stats:


So, give it a quick shot. Lexington will treat you right. What do you have lose? (besides those pesky negative items on your credit report)


Talk to a Lexington Law Credit Repair Expert right now.

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