is rated as most innovative of the top 5 credit repair companies. With a ground-breaking client site, smart phone apps and online tools to help you, this 7-year old company new company changing the game, and quickly contending for best credit repair company. is the new guy on the block, and with that comes the pressure to do something no one else is doing. They’ve made checking on your credit repair progress as convenient as logging into the proprietary app on your smart phone. Check out the screenshots to see how straight forward they’ve made the process.

Headquartered in Florida, strictly as a credit restoration company, not a law firm. They also do not provide much of a record when it comes to past clients or results. But if that is not much of a concern, their industry-leading experience and technology is enough to persuade many to give the a shot.

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Compared to the other top companies, this is how stacks up:: Total Deletions

? does not provide a history of their deletion totals. results

? does not provide a history of their results for their clients. number of clients

? does not provide a history of how many clients they have assisted. Years in Business

2002 opened its doors in 2002 and has been helping clients repair their credit for over 11 years. Customer Service

5 Days a Week’s customer service are open during regular business hours, Mon-Fri and are very helpful and friendly. Client site
Client Site

24/7 Extranet

The dashboard not only shows the client where they stand in the dispute process, but also gives the affiliate a glimpse into their client’s credit repair case. This is another perk that makes the affiliate program so valuable. See a dashboard screenshot >

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BBB Rating


The BBB is currently updating’s rating, but it has been a satisfactory B recently. To verify the BBB rating, click here > Price

$69 a Month

The standard $99 “first work” fee and $69/month puts them in the middle of the lot when it comes to value. Service Levels >


Save $50

Sign up your spouse or other family member at the same time and get a $50 savings on your signup fee. Redeem here >

Top Reasons To Sign Up With is experienced:

  • Over 10 years of credit repair experience
  • More personalized costumer service touch
  • Essentially the same standards and systems as the best

It pays to be an affiliate:

  • The top affiliate program in the country
  • Program geared toward financial professionals who deal with people with bad credit on a daily basis has good customer service:

  • 5-day a week phone support
  • Easy-to-use case tracking dashboard
  • Free credit consultation

Reasons to consider other Credit Repair Companies:

  • Price is not the cheapest
  • BBB rating has not been dealt with
  • Do not publish results

Sign up with Today – Cancel Anytime

Remember, no one can guarantee your results, and be wary of scams. is a tried and true, decent option that allows you to cancel your relationship and even backs their service with a money-back warranty. For details, visit their site.