A 30-day, 60-day, or 90 day late payment on your credit report will hurt your credit score. They show up in the largest part of your score, where your payment history is tracked, and any small thing will drop your score.

But did you know you can have late payments removed from your credit score without waiting years? You can do this by having disputing the late payment with the credit bureaus.

How to dispute directly with the credit bureaus:

Each of the 3 major credit bureau has their own system for tracking your credit history, and each has their own credit score. Chances are, your late payment is listed with all of them, so you need to dispute with all of them. You can get access to all 3 reports by visiting annualcreditreports.com, and starting a dispute directly with them. This can take months to accomplish and you will have to do the legwork yourself.

A much easier solution is what I did:

Lexington Law is the nation’s largest credit repair firm and not only has assisted in removing million of late payments for their clients, but they’ve handled everything under the sun, including bankruptcies. Let them do the heavy lifting for you.

I simply called them at their number, and they went over *my* credit report – and I knew exactly what they could do for me.

So, why not make it easy and take 10 minutes to find out where you stand?

To get a free consultation with  Lexington, simply call toll-free:  (855) 255-0492